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Urlaub auf Krk

Moving On

After many years of maintaining my own virtual machine in the internet for running my own and a friend’s blog I decided to move on.

Every now and then I had to move to a new virtual machine and rewrite maintenance scripts afterwards. I found that increasingly cumbersome given that I only run a blog there.

Besides that the money spent on a virtual machine and a few domains seemed not appropriate given that I rarely use the blog …

… so I checked alternative options and set up a new web site based on a specialized hoster that focuses on WordPress hosting and offers reasonable services at low fees.

Saving Money

After all I managed to cut costs by 80% this way. In the course of the change I even found a free FTP client wich also saves me from paying 45$ for the new major version of Transmit.  It is probably worth the money if you are a heavier user than me.

Reducing Complexity

Instead I opted for ForkLift, which comes for free in the App Store for me (don’t know why, to be honest) and does the job as well. In return I removed Transmit and CyberDuck in return. Clutter and complexity reduced 🙂

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